Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is This The End of Mubarak?

The 30 years rule by Mr Mubarak in Egypt has been brought down by the citizen, who were defiant to see d end of a tyranny man who sees his people as slaves and choose to kill them when they protested against him.

Mr Mubarak is 82,is in detention and possibly face corruption charges soon along side his two sons, who are also in detention.

Mr Mubarak, along with his sons and their wives, have been banned from leaving the country. The family's assets have been frozen.

In a pre-recorded audio message on Sunday, he broke his silence of the last two months to say his reputation and that of his sons had been damaged and he would work to clear their names.

On Tuesday, Egyptian soldiers and police moved into Tahrir Square in Cairo and ended a sit-in by protesters demanding civilian rule and swifter prosecution of former officials.

A military council has been ruling Egypt since Mr Mubarak stepped down.

Includes contents from BBC

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